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Konference: Proteomics from Discovery to Function

The 13th of May (Monday), MENDEL UNIVERSITY IN BRNO (Czech Republic) in collaboration with SPANISH EMBASSY IN CZECH REPUBLIC has the pleasure of inviting you to the conference on PROTEOMICS FROM DISCOVERY TO FUNCTION.

We will have the honour of listening to two prestigious Spanish scientists, Dr J. I. Casal and Dr. J.A. Gavira, who are experts in Cancer Proteomic and Crystallography, respectively.

■ This event will take place in the classroom C02 at 14:00h in Mendel University in Brno.  

                                                                                       – EVERYONE IS OFFICIALLY INVITED 

■ Event organized by Dr. Miguel Angel Merlos Rodrigo and Dr. Vedran Milosavljevič (Department Chemistry and Biochemistry of MENDEL UNIVERSITY IN BRNO and  CEITEC)  in collaboration with Spanish EMBASSY IN CZECH REPUBLIC (Cooperación Española – 100 años de Diplomacia) and CIB – IACT – CSIC.