The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry ensures education of a broad line of disciplines comprised in the curricula of three faculties of the Mendel University in Brno, thus participating in the creation of the profile of practically all school leavers.

The institute guarantees lecturing for undergraduate bachelor courses as well as for students of the following master´s and doctoral courses of the whole university programme. The diversified scale of subjects of study guaranteed by the university enables the students, right at the beginning of their carreer, to acquire the elementary concepts and skills of general chemistrythe inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry as well as biochemistry. Later on, they can considerably enlarge this basic knowledge by enrolling into a number of specialized courses. The education has the form of lectures, seminars and practical laboratory exercise. This practical learning takes place in specialized labs provided with up-to-date appliances ensuring not only quality of education, but also the necessary elements for the safety of work of the students.

The lecturers of the Faculty of AgriSciences teach students of six bachelor´s curricula and ten courses of studies, five follow-up master´s curricula and seven courses of studies. The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology provides six bachelor´s and seven study curricula. The Faculty of Horticulture offers two and six respective curricula. In addition to obligatory and obligatorily-optional subjects it offers also eight optional subjects having the form of lectures, seminars and practical laboratory exercise.

Further the Department of chemistry and biochemistry ensures education in 31 subjects for the requirements of doctoral studies and six subjects in English for its foreign students. As a rule, there are certain students successfully terminating their doctoral studies every year, publishing their results in renowned impacted periodicals. Thus the institute generates scientific capacity in a sustainable way, mostly remaining at the institute in the position of post-doctoral scientific workers. Some ensure the continuation and sustainability of research projects, some leave to join the participating foreign workplaces.