• “Antibiotic resistance is growing, we don’t manage to make new drugs”

    The very first guest of the new (Ne)Vědkyně podcast is Ladislav Sivák, the Head of the Laboratory of Tumor Biology and Immunology at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mendel University in Brno. Ladislav dedicated his career to the field of Immunology, in his laboratory he mainly deals with the treatment of cancer with the help of nanoparticles and the growing resistance  o antibiotics. But has it always been his dream? And what is so special about cancer that the whole world is dealing with it? You will learn this, and much more, in Part 1 of the (Ne)Vědkyně podcast, which was created at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and which seeks to reveal the beauty of science to all who wants to understand the world and who wants to keep up.          Here are some extracts from the whole interview:  Laďo, did you want to become a scientist from an early age?   I always wanted and dreamed of being a doctor. I got into medicine and started studying at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. In the second year, however, I became more interested in theory than practice itself. At that time, I was interested in the field of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of Organisms, about which I knew nothing, but I applied for it and was accepted. For a year I tried to study these two schools at the same time,…

  • “The most valuable is synergistic work, we have been cooperating on flights to the stratosphere for years”

    A project based on experiments carried by a balloon into the stratosphere can become a stepping stone to much bolder scientific achievements. “We are building the ground for larger and more distant targets, such as low orbit, space station or the planet Mars,” says Dr….

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  • Two student teams from the institute won prestigious MENDELU grants

    This year, Mendel University in Brno announced for the first time the Student Grant Competition “Igráček“, the primary goal of this grant is to increase the quality of teaching connected with research within doctoral studies with two years of financial support for projects. The solver of the student grant is not only the student of the doctoral study program, but also his team, which also includes mentors from the ranks of academic staff. This is a very prestigious grant, in which the winners will have a funded 10-day internship abroad and will also receive a financial award. Mendel University has announced a total of 4 winning teams and two of them are working at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry. One of the winners was the team of Martin Říháček from the laboratory of microbiology and the team of Ondřej Pěnčík from the laboratory of microalgae.  Martin Říháček Martin Řiháček, the leader of the team dealing with the effect of the load on the bacterium E. coli, gave the institute an interview about his winning project.  You participated with your team in the first year of the „Igráček“…

  • We Appreciate That We Are a Bridge Between Life and Material Sciences, Says New Leader of the Research Group Vojtěch Adam

    Professor Vojtěch Adam became the new leader of the Smart Nanodevices research group at CEITEC BUT in September. The head of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Mendel University in Brno and the holder of the prestigious ERC grant plans to maintain the existing multidisciplinarity of the group and support the use…

  • UV Radiation in fight against adulterated wines

    In the beginning, there was light… actually, more like UV radiation. And it enables the chemists from Brno to differentiate among hundreds of samples of various wines. And they want everybody to be able to do the same thing. Just like the discovery of penicillin,…

  • Wastewater without carcinogens? The Brno Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry is developing methods to achieve this

    Azo dyes are the most numerous and most significant group of organic dyes. Although many of them have been shown to be carcinogenic or cause urticaria or allergies, they are still used to dye everything from textiles to plastics or paper. Over 70,000 tonnes are…

  • Research within the SOMOPRO project is going to be finished

    Mass spectrometry, electrochemistry or labelled nanoparticles. All these methods are used by Ing. Lucie Pompeiano Vaníčková, Ph.D., a researcher at the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, in her research. The result of her project, entitled Metallothionein as a Prognostic Marker of Skin Cancer, should result…

  • EGNSS, one of the pilars for the farm 4.0

    How can we use Satellite Technologies to Improve Agriculture and Reduce Environmental Impact? This is the motto of this presentation with special emphasis to promote the prize announced by Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System. We’re looking for new ideas and innovations, particularly those  relying upon…


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