Laboratory of Custom Analyses

The objective of the Custom Analyses Laboratory of the Institute of chemistry and biochemistry has been offering expert services to all organizational component parts of the Mendel University in Brno since 2016. The portfolio of available services gets continuously adapted to suit the financial possibilities of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as the existing demand of these services within the whole of MENDELU. The modern analytical methods are financially exacting, and namely not only as to the price and service of the apparatuses and the required qualification of their operators, but also as to optimizing and validating the respective  methods, taking account of the specific type of analysis and the type of the given samples. That is why our services are made use by fellows in charge of internal and external research projects who plan to make both routine and very specialized analyses, yet without the necessity of purchasing their own equipment and safeguarding its service and operation. The Institute of chemistry and biochemistry offers the support of development and research activities of all members of MENDELU via the Laboratory of Custom Analyses.

Head of the department: Associate Prof. RNDr. Ondřej Zítka, Ph.D.

List of custom-made analyses complying with the valid decision of the AF Dean:  PDF


Ing. Zuzana Lacková, Ph.D.

Head – Laboratory of custom analyses

Phone: 420 731 781 607
Address: ÚCB AF, Zemědělská 1, 61300 Brno – Building D
Office: BA02N2025

Team members

  • Ing. Zuzana Lacková, Ph.D.
  • Mgr. Natalia Cernei, Ph.D.