Laboratory of mass spectrometry

In the laboratory of mass spectrometry we deal mainly with the application of mass-spectrometric methods for the study of biomarkers/biomolecules in various organisms, especially of animal origin. The aim is to find and identify biomolecules that can be potential biomarkers. Biomarker is a specific indicator used to monitor physiological and pathological processes. We use MALDI-TOF, MALDI-TOF MSI (imaging mass spectrometry) and ESI-QTOF in conjunction with nanoHPLC or UHPLC.

The laboratory is equipped with Bruker ultrafleXtreme and Bruker Maxis Impact mass spectrometers. For proteomic applications, a Thermo Scientific UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano UHPLC system is connected to the Bruker Maxis Impact; for other applications, the UHPLC system Knauer PLATINblue V6900A can be connected, which also contains a UV/VIS PDA detector. We use the Bruker ImagePrepTM system to apply the MALDI matrix to tissue sections on conductive microscope slides. The laboratory is also equipped with a Bio-Rad BioLogic DuoFlowTM FPLC system for purification and isolation of proteins/peptides and other substances; and also a Gilson semi-preparative HPLC system for peptide purification. The laboratory provides the possibility of custom analysis for colleagues from MENDELU and for customers outside MENDELU; it is mainly the identification of bacteria/microorganisms using MALDI-TOF and a Bruker MALDI Biotyper Compass Explorer 4.1 with a commercial database of verified mass spectra of various types of bacteria (8468 spectra). The laboratory is also part of the Smart Nanodevices research group at CEITEC BUT and works closely with other research groups at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of AgriSciences, MENDELU; it also cooperates with other research groups/institutions within the Czech Republic and abroad (the most important collaborations are listed below).


In the Czech Republic we cooperate with (outside MENDELU):

  • Faculty of Medicine MUNI (Prof. Michal Masarik)
  • Veterinary Research Institute (dr. Martin Faldyna)
  • Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics CAS in Libechov (dr. Vratislav Horak)


Abroad we cooperate with:

  • University of Wrocław (prof. Artur Krężel; Manuel David Peris-Diaz, M.Sc.)
  • University of Debrecen (dr. Gabriella Emri)
  • University of Sopron (dr. Tamás Hofmann)
  • Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas Madrid (CIB-CSIC) (dr. Vivien De los Rios Benítez, dr. José Ignacio Casal Álvarez)


Research topics/directions:

  • MALDI imaging mass spectrometry of animal/human tissues (melanomas, etc.) and whole organisms (adults of Danio rerio, etc.)
  • Proteomic analysis of the influence of silver (and other) nanoparticles on Danio rerio
  • Study of metallothioneins


Mgr. Roman Guráň, Ph.D.

Head – Laboratory of mass spectrometry
Assistant Professor

Phone: +420 545 133 352, +420 545 133 287
Address: ÚCB AF, Zemědělská 1, 61300 Brno – Budova D
Office: BA02N3012 (D3.12)
Researcher ID: C-2610-2016
ORCID: 0000-0002-2912-714X

Team members

  • Ing. Jan Příborský
  • Ing. Tomáš Do
  • Ing. Silvia Vaculčiaková
  • Ing. Žaneta Buchtová (mateřská dovolená)


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