Laboratory of molecular biology

The highlighted research topics of the laboratory of molecular biology is the study of molecular mechanisms participating in the pathogenesis of tumour diseases and also that of mechanisms responsible for the development of the chemical resistance of tumour cells. 

One of the main research objectives of the lab is studying the tumour-specific protein kinases. We investigate the metabolism of selected inhibitors of tyrosine kinases, namely the small molecules inhibiting the activity of receptor kinases and their impact upon the transfer of down-stream signals that are essential for a tumour cell.

Laboratory of molecular biology


Another key issue is the group of low-molecular proteins capable of sequestering metals, namely the metal-thioneins. Sequestering metals and extinguishing free radicals can substantially affect the effectiveness of certain cytostatic groups. Thus new knowledge relating to the role of selected sub/iso-forms of metal-thioneins can improve the existing therapy of tumour diseases and facilitate the personalization of therapy.

The lab is equipped with appropriate instrumental technology – laminar boxes, incubators with controlled atmosphere, cell counter, confocal laser scanning microscope, through-flow cytometer, PCR cyclers, cDNA microarray as well as electrophoretic appliances and western blotting. Techniques of stable or transient genome editing are used for functional analysis.

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Ing. et Ing. Petr Michálek, Ph.D.

Head – Laboratory of molecular biology
Assistant Professor

Phone: 420 545 133 274
Address: ÚCB AF, Zemědělská 1, 61300 Brno – Building D
Office: BA02N3016

Team members

Topics of Ph.D. theses

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