Doctoral studies

Biological Chemistry

,,Did you know that you could already build a career in college?”

Start a scientific career at school! We offer a title and an employment contract.


A team of experts, individual approach of teachers, quality equipment for your work. Get involved in science with our team. Already during your studies you can earn money with us, complete internships abroad and participate in a number of research activities. Come for a doctorate and a dream career.

What can you do with us?

For example, working with CRISPR technology, which is literally changing people’s lives. In the laboratory, we study tumor processes and seek effective treatment, but we also develop nanomaterials and micromaterials that are able to replace existing antibiotics. Or by developing biosensors that can detect the presence of very low concentrations of tumor molecules and are therefore also involved in the fight against cancer.

In the plant kingdom, we focus primarily on algae and algal biotechnologies. We will teach you to modify the algae genome. Why? Because we believe that they are the future of human nutrition. Another study path is environmental chemistry. We create our own bioanalyzers, analytical tools that help us to study the relationship between soil, water and aquatic organisms and solve the problem of excessive waste and other negative aspects associated with the environment.

The structure of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry consists of five research groups divided into fourteen laboratories. Take a look at our complete offer and choose what would attract you the most.

Do you have a winner? Then contact the leader of the selected group and arrange a personal meeting with him, where you will discuss the specific possibilities of your research.

We really let you do the research here.

We can really appreciate your work!

Can’t imagine that you will still study and work part-time? The net income of our students starts at CZK 17,000 per month in the 1st year and can increase every year. In the 2nd year of doctoral studies you can reach up to CZK 22,000 and in the 3rd year even up to CZK 25,000 per month.

But it doesn’t end here! You will have the opportunity to participate in individual projects and competitions for Ph.D. during your studies. students, thanks to which the amount can be significantly increased.


An internship at Harvard

We will be happy to send you on internships abroad, which will move you further and enrich you with valuable experience. Germany, Belgium, Poland, USA, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland or Israel? University of Cambridge? Harvard Medical School? Here, too, some of our students landed. Where are YOU going?


„The internship at Dana ‑ Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School was a working point for me, in several ways. I looked in the direction of research, which is closer to me, and at the level of which I would like to continue working. My working “mindset” has changed and now I think a little differently about experiments. And I’m used to doing everything myself. Of course, I had the opportunity to learn or at least try new methods for me, which I will gradually apply in research here at MENDELU, but this is not primarily about that. You can learn methods from publications, but it’s like a cookbook. You have clearly defined conditions, raw materials and preparation procedures. But you never cook the food as well as a chef who understands the ingredients and has a clear idea of ​​the finished meal. So let’s say I learned from the best chefs and worked with the best ingredients. ”


Vladislav Strmiska, student of the doctoral program in Chemistry and laureate of this year’s Rector’s Award MENDELU. You can read the whole interview here.


What awaits you here?

A team of experts is waiting for you to help you get involved in scientific events, a personal approach, quality equipment and high expertise. You will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a wide range of research activities. Come to us to study and become part of our team.

  • three-year study program in Biological Chemistry
  • support for active participation in national and international conferences
  • support for publishing, research and project activities
  • possibility of involvement in national and international projects
  • the possibility of increasing the income in the form of an employment contract and thus participating in the research activities of the institute – we can really appreciate your work!
  • Student internships – it’s up to you which university you want to look at
  • a young work team that you will really get along with
  • research in an area that really interests you
  • above-standard scholarship


What can you be?

An expert with a good knowledge of the English language, an ideal adept for scientific research institutions, laboratories and operations of state and departmental bodies, institutions and bodies dealing with environmental protection, central bodies, as well as EU bodies and institutions. Or a future member of our scientific team.


What do we offer?

  • Three year´s course Chemistry
  • Support of active participation at national and international conferences
  • Support of publication, research and project activities
  • Opportunity to join in national and international projects
  • Option of improved income by participation in research in form of a work contract

What is our aim?

Educating specialists with good knowledge of English, in particular for scientific and research oriented
institutions, laboratories and the operation of governmental bodies and institutes for the protection of
the environment, for central authorities as well as EU bodies and institutions etc.

Don’t miss the opportunity for professional and personal growth.