Our Institute offers a bachelor curriculum focussing upon Molecular biology and biotechnology as well as a doctoral programme of studies covering a broad scale in the domain of chemistry, beginning with the synthesis of nanomaterials, down to the study of processes taking place in single cells. In fact, life at our Institute of chemistry and biochemistry does not involve studying only. You will have the option to travel abroad for gaining valuable experience, and we will prepare you for your further professional path, from laboratory tasks down to managerial work in the field of chemistry, biology, or biotechnology. There are lots of reasons making the study with us preferable. Join us to change the world for the better.

,,We know for sure that hight quality education is not the diploma only.”

Please contact the Study department of the Institute of chemistry

Bc. Veronika Pavlačková
Phone number: +420 545 133 365
Office address: BA02N3007 (D3.07)

Mgr. Zdena Havlínová
Phone number: +420 545 133 312
Office address: BA02N3024 (D3.24)

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