Master’s studies

Molecular biology and biotechnology

We know that quality education is not just a diploma.


You have a solid foundation in bachelor and now it’s time to start building something. You will gain a comprehensive view of the processes taking place in a plant or animal organism, you will be able to apply knowledge in practice and solve experimental tasks. Become a recognized capacity in the field.

Within the master’s study, you have a choice of two specializations – Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology and Animal Biotechnology. In both cases, you may be attracted by CRISPR technology, which you will learn even deeper.

During the study we will focus on applied genetics and molecular biology of microorganisms, plants and animals in relation to biotechnologies. We will pay great attention to the practical mastery of the latest laboratory techniques and skills, including modern methods of studying and editing the genome.

Straight to work

You will gain professional qualities and you can immediately jump into a professional laboratory.

Narrow specialization

You study what interests you. You improve in what you enjoy.

Breakthrough diplomas

No repetition and citation has been discovered many times, on the contrary, others may one day quote you.


What can you be?

You can apply in all types of scientific research institutes, both basic and applied biological, agricultural and biotechnological research, in specialized clinical laboratories, gene banks, public administration laboratories, in breeding, in the microbiological, food or pharmaceutical industry, in molecular biology laboratories, biochemistry and microbiology.

We will equip you with the knowledge and skills that will enable you to effectively lead a work team.




Molecular biology and plant biotechnology

Laboratoř metabolomiky a epigenetiky rostlin


This path will lead to application especially in the food industry, agriculture or in the care of the environment.

You will become a practically focused engineer who has a technical and biological overview in the field

molecular and cell biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics, physiology and genetics.


The specialization focuses on the processes taking place in the plant organism from the molecular

and cellular levels throughout the organism. We pay great attention to the practical

control of the latest laboratory technology.



Molecular biology and animal biotechnology


After graduating, you can head to health care, all types of research institutes,

specialized clinical laboratories, gene banks, government laboratories and molecular laboratories

biology, biochemistry and microbiology. You can do basic and applied research

in agriculture and biotechnology, to work in the breeding, food or pharmaceutical industries.

This specialization provides methodological and technological education in the field

molecular and cell biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, biophysics, physiology and genetics

animal organisms. We again emphasize the practical control of the latest laboratory technology.



Lenka Svobodová

“I’ve always wanted to be a member of a research team that can discover something that will change the world and take science a step further. Now I’m one foot part of it. My dream came true, in which I want to continue and just improve. Ideally, during your studies, to gain practice and one day you should be one of the capacities of Mr. Vojtěch Adam.”

Lenka is a student and ambassador in the field of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. His research deals with the treatment of cancer.

Do you have any questions about studying?

Are you interested in what life is like at MENDELU? Are exams and studies challenging? Or if we really teach you something, let you go to the lab and you will have enough practice for your future job?

In that case, Lenča is fully available to you. You can write it here @lenny.cka, or here: .


You will establish an interesting cooperation and you will know how it works in practice

Oncology, veterinary medicine or phytosanitary? Experience Molecular Biology in practice. During your studies you will have the opportunity to visit companies such as BioVendor, TestLine or GeneProof. You will establish cooperation and thus gain indispensable contacts for your future job.


Practical information:

The master’s study normally lasts two years and ends with a state final examination. If you successfully complete it, you can continue your doctoral studies and obtain a Ph.D.



What will you gain by graduating?

  • a comprehensive view of the processes taking place in a plant or animal organism (at the levels of molecules, cells, tissues / tissues and whole organisms).
  • current knowledge of genetic mechanisms at the molecular and cellular level and the ability to apply them in modern biotechnology in plants, microorganisms and animals.
  • knowledge and skills in the field of research of plant or animal models and methods of modern genetic diagnostics usable in various fields
  • knowledge and skills of standard and advanced methods of study and editing of genome, proteomics and metabolomics (eg CRISPR, polymerase chain reaction, mass spectrometry)
  • ability to lead a team
  • ability to solve experimental tasks


What awaits you for lectures?