Laboratory of microalgae

The microalgae laboratory deals with the study of microalgae / cyanobacteria and their use in food, environmental and pharmaceutical biotechnology. The research focus is the production of desirable metabolites (secondary substances, vitamins) and biodegradation of pollutants (AZO dyes, microplasts). An important part of the laboratory is also the study of the interaction of nanoparticles with microalgae (“Pros and Con” approach). The laboratory investigates their potential use in the genetic engineering of microalgae, but at the same time tries to understand the molecular nature of their toxicity. It also deals with a more detailed study of the anti-stress response to abiotic stress, which includes the roles of epigenetic markers (DNA methylation, miRNA regulation) and secondary metabolites. Another important direction is the introduction and use of CRISPR technology in the above-mentioned research areas. The laboratory includes a collection of unicellular microalgae and cyanobacteria.


Ing. Martina Koláčková, Ph.D.

Head of the Laboratory of Microalgae
Academic staff – assistant professor

Phone number: 420 545 133 280
Address: ÚCB AF, Zemědělská 1, 61300 Brno – Budova D
Office: BA02N2028
Researcher ID: AAH-1132-2020
ORCID: 0000-0002-2469-9587

Team members