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Possibilities of life not only in the solar system – 4 Pokoje Brno

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In addition to its scientific activities, our Department also tries to actively participate in popularization-educational events and lectures. One such lecture took place in the bar 4 Pokoje, on 5.10. in cooperation with Science Party and Science Café Prague. These lectures aim to connect scientific experts with the general public, which is offered an attractive scientific topic in the form of an entertaining-educational lecture. The Science Café concept has a wide history and has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2008, in 20 cities. Thanks to the pleasant environment in a cafe or bar, with a glass of wine or a drink, listeners can share interesting knowledge with scientists and ask anything that interests them on the topic without any restrictions.

Our colleagues Lukáš Nejdl and Libor Lenža had the honor of preparing the very first offline lecture in Brno, on the topic of Possibilities of Life not only in the Solar System. What does the universe look like today? And what do we need to live in space? This very attractive topic has always attracted the public due to its unexploredness and a certain mystery. Our knowledge of the possibilities of living outside of life is growing every year, but we have not yet been able to find life outside of our planet. With small fragments, we get to know the possible paths of prebiotic evolution of life and the conditions that were needed for that. As our knowledge of other planetary worlds outside our solar system grows, we begin to think about the settlement of other planets. Libor and Lukáš were very successful in this lecture full of interesting facts, humor and simple presentation.

Thank you very much for the participation and we look forward to the next event!