Theses Topics

In addition to teaching chemical subjects for all three faculties of MENDELU, our Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry ensures also the guidance of final theses, and namely for theachelor´s degreemaster´s degree and for postgraduate doctoral studies.

Listed topics of final theses

It is recommendable to consult the potential supervisor or expert for guiding in the chosen field prior to applying for a concrete topic.  An already listed topic can be adapted (or a new topic listed) with regard to some specific experience or preference of the student in case of a timely consultation. We can also offer an unbinding visit for learning to know the workplace, during which possible details relating to particular topics can be discussed. If you feel attracted by the profile of a lab or another or if you are interested in certain topics in question, do not hesitate to make use of the e-mail addresses of concrete research group.

Research group for bioanalysis and genetic engineering

  • Optional topic.

Research group for molecular biology and nanomedicine

  • Optional topic.

Research group for synthesis and chemical analysis

  • Development of microfluidic Lab-on-a-chip exploiting magnetic nanoparticles for biogenic amines.
  • Synthesis of potential antimicrobial peptides and study of bacterial resistance mechanisms and enzymatic activity.
  • Electrochemical detection of bacteria using the nanomaterials.
  • Label-free electrochemical aptasensor for detection of cancer biomarker.

Research group for biomarkers

  • Optional topic.