Doctoral studies

Agricultural Chemistry

,,Did you know that you could already build a career in college?”

Are you keen in chemistry, biochemistry or biology and hold the respective master´s degree? Then do
not hesitate, do not miss your opportunity of life relating to your professional and personal career. Enrol
in the doctoral studies at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Mendel University in Brno.

Your PhD studies will proceed exactly as you plan

PhD studies should be the cornerstone to the start of your scientific career. They do not merely involve deepening your knowledge of the subject concerned, but rather the launching of your future. Choose one of the research groups and come to try out what the PhD studies are like here. Contact the leader of the selected group and arrange a personal meeting with them to discuss the possibilities of your research at our Institute.

Why not elsewhere?

There is a team of experts here, waiting to support you for your best integration into scientific activities.
Join us as our post-gradual student, becoming an acknowledged member of our team. The staff of our
pedagogues is known for personal approach and expertise and labs for high quality. You can acquire
theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a number of research fields. After the successful
termination of the course you will add the title PhD behind your name.

What do we offer?

  • Three year´s course Chemistry
  • Support of active participation at national and international conferences
  • Support of publication, research and project activities
  • Opportunity to join in national and international projects
  • Option of improved income by participation in research in form of a work contract

What is our aim?

Educating specialists with good knowledge of English, in particular for scientific and research oriented
institutions, laboratories and the operation of governmental bodies and institutes for the protection of
the environment, for central authorities as well as EU bodies and institutions etc.

And what do our students say about all this?

Eliška Sedláčková

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